chelmsford vermin control


We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major Rabbit Infestations, Problems with Fox, Rats, Pigeons, Rooks and Crows including Magpies and Canada Geese.

We have been hunting Wild Boar in France and Germany for over 20 years and have a good insite as to how these animals are managed and controlled in Europe. "Defra policy is that primary responsibility for feral wild boar management lies with local communities and individual landowners. However, Government will help facilitate this regional management through the provision of advice and guidance."

Also we are hoping to include a Registered and Licensed Badger Culling Service, (This is currently being looked into by Defra)

 Fully Insured Members of the BASC.


England, Wales, Northern Ireland
Red stags: Aug 1 - April 30
Red hinds: Nov 1 - Feb 28/29

Fallow bucks: Aug 1 - April 30
Fallow does: Nov 1 - March 31

Sika stags: Aug 1 - April 30
Sika hinds: Nov 1 - Feb 28/29

Roe bucks: April 1 - Oct 31
Roe does: Nov 1 - Feb 28/29

Red/Sika Hybrids (NI only)
Stags: Aug 1 - April 30
Hinds: Nov 1 - Feb 28/29

Chinese Water Deer bucks & Does: Nov 1 - March 31

Muntjac: no statutory close season


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