chelmsford vermin control


The .300 Win Magnum bolt action rifle above is suitable for all UK and European deer species along with wild boar and fox. It's fitted with a large scope with an illuminated reticle to assist target acquisition in very low light levels. The cartridge it uses has the same bullet found in the .308/7.62mm cartridge but being longer it produces more power. The .300 Win Mag when zeroed at 250 yards will shoot without hold over to 300 yards making it one of the flattest shooting cartridges around. Very loud report and not very discreet. Produces around 3500 to 4000 ft/lbs of energy depending on bullet choice.

12 gauge over/under shotgun, shorter barrels than normal so must be held on a FAC (firearms certificate)


 12 gauge over and under shotgun

 .22 rimfire / 20 bore shotgun combination



The shotgun above is an 5 shot  pump action in 12 gauge. This type of gun is very effective on pigeon and rabbits where a greater amount of shots can be fired in quick succession, the conventional shotgun can only fire twice before reloading. The 12 gauge's range is limited compared to a rifle, but its safe to fire up in the air if there is a sensible backdrop. The small round pellets (typically 250 to 400 per shot) are unlikely to cause injury or damage when falling to the ground. Because of this shotguns greater firepower it has to be held on a FAC (firearms certificate) and like all shotguns it is loud and not very discreet.


 The .22 rimfire semi-automatic rifle above is a very versatile gun to use on ground vermin. It has a 10 or 25 round magazine and like the semi- automatic shotgun it cycle's each time the gun is fired, ejecting the spent shell and reloading another round into the chamber in a split second. The rifle can use sub-sonic ammunition that can barely be heard when using the silencer or standard or hyper velocity rounds if more power is required. The .22 rimfire is far more powerful than the .22 air gun and can produces between 30 to 190ft/lbs of energy depending on the choice of cartridge.

The .223 bolt action rifle above is suitable for ground vermin, fox and the smaller species of deer namely Muntjac and Chinese water deer. In Scotland and Germany its also legal to use on Roe. Loud report and not very discreet. Produces around 1100 to 1400 ft/lbs of energy depending on bullet choice.

Six shot .22 Brocock air pistol held on a FAC (firearms certificate) as now prohibited, uses six precharged air cartridges to produce close to 6 ft/lbs of energy.  



  Bond Arms .410 over and under shot pistol held on FAC (firearms certificate). This pistol is ideal to use on vermin in and around farm buildings, or around release pens, the short barrels limit the speed of the shot compared to a conventional shotgun. Loud report.


Ammunition left to right .22 rimfire hollow point, .223 centerfire hollow point, .300 win mag expanding

Above are Brocock cartridges that hold the compressed air along with the pellet in the nose cone. 

 .22 co2 bolt action air rifle, uses two  soda syphon sparklets to give about 60 shots at around 10 ft/lbs energy. Very quiet

 .22 bolt action co2 pistol, uses one sparklet to give around 60 shots at close to the 6 ft/lbs energy limit for air pistols.

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