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Fox Control

They can cause damage, create fear and carry fleas. The urban fox is often deemed a pest because of the noise they make during courtship and the damage they carry out to rubbish bags.

Although fox trapping and the relocation of foxes is not illegal it could upset the new land owner. In addition foxes are very territorial and they will not tolerate new foxes and therefore the fox you have tried to save may be attacked and injured. We believe the least cruel fox control option is to trap foxes but to then have them put down humanely.

Proofing, such as sealing gaps into the garden or installing a barrier on top of your fencing should always be your first option. Although fox proofing can be undertaken this can also be expensive and if it is not done properly then it may not be successful.

The fox's lifecycle commences in January with its mating season. At this time complaints from its screaming at night reaches a peak. March is when the cubs are born and by April the cubs first emerge from the den. By August, the cubs are able to forage for themselves and by the end of September it is impossible to tell the adults apart from the cubs. In November and December there are increases in fox fighting and defending of their territory as the next mating season approaches.  

Where possible all foxes will be trapped then dispatched, using a large cage trap.  When we set traps at any site if you notice that a fox has been caught you are urged to call 24/7 so the fox doesn’t suffer or hurt its self.
Fox control really is needed around towns and cities as only recently 9month old twins were attacked whilst they were in their cot. The sound of a distressed, crying young child is just like the cry of a distressed animal to a fox. As the fox population increases they have to turn to new food sources to survive.

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